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About Neal

Neal Rodar has over 19 years of experience in professional mediation. He was Director of the Woodbury Dispute Resolution Center for ten years.

Neal’s Board and Committee memberships include the Professional Responsibility Board of the Vermont Supreme Court, the Vermont Board of Bar Examiners, the Environmental Mediation Center, the Oversight Committee of the Vermont Family Court Mediation Program,
and the Vermont Environmental Court Mediation Program.

He is contracted to mediate with the Vermont Human Rights Commission, the Department of Education of the State of Vermont, and the Vermont Family Court Mediation Program.

Neal has worked extensively developing mediation programs with State Governments and for the past five years has worked closely with probate judges of the Vermont judiciary as well as The Center for Social Gerontology in developing a mediation program focusing on Elder Care and Adult Guardianship issues.

He has acted as a case manager for the Vermont Family Court and serves as Mediator-in-Residence at the Woodbury Institute at Champlain College in their Masters in Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies program.



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Neal with satisfied mediation clients

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