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Mediation, Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution

Our mediation practice has many years of experience facilitating, evaluating, and helping parties to resolve complex disputes. Our structured and safe process is private and confidential. We help parties negotiate in an effective, thoughtful, and creative way so that the final agreements provide specific, fair, and amicable solutions.

Pre-Marital Mediation

We’ve recently added this specialty to our suite of family mediation services. Engaged couples are including mediation as an essential new component of marriage planning by investing in the future of their relationship with open discussions of issues that can insure longevity and stability in a relationship. To learn more about this specialty click here to download our new pamphlet.

Divorce & Marital Mediation

A key feature of our matrimonial and divorce mediation service is our ability to facilitate a process that allows parties to make their own decisions, and reach fair and amicable agreements based on the specifics of their situation. We help our clients in their search for solutions rather than assigning blame. The mediation process is safe, confidential, and respectful. Our process can also save thousands of dollars in legal fees when compared with attorney-negotiated settlements or courtroom contests.

Family Law

Our family services provide a confidential process for resolving disputes or disagreements that may arise around child custody, child support, parental visitation, spousal support, etc. It gives parents the opportunity to make their own decisions about how to best meet their children’s needs and to work together in a safe and supportive environment. Our focus on understanding the needs and concerns of each of the parties involved can reduce stress on couples, parents and, most importantly, children. It can also save money and be a more timely process than the alternatives.

Workplace Mediation

Our confidential, voluntary process helps our business clients to arrive at decisions together. This process and the agreements that are reached will often improve morale and teamwork, increase workplace productivity and profits, and retain valued personnel. Among the many issues we have helped resolve have included performance, transitions, discipline, harassment, compensation, discrimination and terminations.

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Business, Partnership and Management Conflict Resolution

We offer mediation and conflict resolution services that help corporate and partnership management teams resolve their differences and work together to produce agreements that result in effective long-term business management. By resolving internal disputes businesses not only save time and money, but can increase productivity and profitability.

Environmental Mediation

Our practice designs and conducts plans for our clients in the community, government, and private sector to resolve sensitive environmental concerns, encourage participation on the part of the public and other interested parties, and help articulate both concerns and ideas that create positive and dynamic solutions.

Court-ordered Mediation

Our services include helping parties within the context of court-ordered mediations. Typically, this process works within very specific and proscribed restrictions as to what aspects of a dispute are to be negotiated. Our experience in this area, combined with an in-depth knowledge of “how it works” within a courtroom setting, has helped many of our clients arrive at consensus while keeping in compliance with the legal mandates for the case.

Estate Mediation

As the current “baby boom” ages, conflicts arising out of estate issues are growing. Our practice focuses on creating a safe and confidential environment where parties can build effective communication, and begin to explore areas of understanding and concern that lead to sound and long-term agreements. For many, issues around family life are amongst the most volatile, and special care is taken to help guide everyone toward peaceful, amicable and fair resolutions.

Eldercare and Adult Guardianship Mediation

Along with estate-related issues, the powerful emotional and financial forces involved in elder care and adult guardianship often lead to breakdowns in communication and understanding that can lead to conflict amongst family members and others. We encourage parties to explore healthy and safe ways to open up conversations and acknowledge the difficulty in the circumstances for everyone involved. From there, we help clear up misunderstandings and encourage healing and communication so that the elders, family, concerned friends, and caregivers can develop a strategy going forward that will be in everyone’s best interests.